RHHS Guidance Office

    Guidance Counselor: Mary Jane Harper

    Email: mharper@rockhill.org

    High School Grading Scale

    94-100 A

    86-93 B

    75-85 C

    65-74 D

    0-64 F

    ACT Information:

    2016-17 Test Dates and Deadlines:

    Test Date - Deadline

    Sept. 10 - Aug. 5

    Oct. 22 - Sept. 16

    Dec. 10 - Nov. 4

    Feb. 11 - Jan. 13

    April 8 - Mar. 3

    June 10 - May 5

    Scholarship Information:

    All scholarship information will be placed in the Scholarship Room located in the small hallway across from Mr. Hensley's Room.

    Event Schedule:

    College Credit Plus

    Meeting Feb. 22 at 6:00 - Mandatory meeting for any student interested in College Credit Plus. One parent and student must be present.

    High School Graduation Requirements

    9th Grade

    English 9/Honors English 9

    Algebra 1/Honors Algebra 1

    World History/Honors World History

    Biology 9/Honors Biology 9

    Health - 1 Semester

    P.E. - 1 Semester

    10th Grade

    English 10/Honors English 10

    Geometry/Honors Geometry

    American History/Honors American History

    Physical Science/Honors Physical Science

    P.E. - 1 Semester

    Personal Finance - 1 Semester

    11th Grade

    English 11/Honors English 11

    Algebra 2/Honors Algebra 2

    American Government/Honors American Government

    Chemistry/Honors Chemistry/Environmental Science

    12th Grade

    English 12/Honors English 12

    Senior Social Studies/Honors Senior Social Studies

    Senior Math/Pre-Calc

    In addition...

    1 Fine Arts Credit

    1 Business/Technology Credit or Foreign Language Credit

    22 Total Credits with Electives

    Pass all state mandated tests

    To earn Honors or Honors with Distinction, students must follow course requirements outlined in student handbook.

    To earn a State Honors Diploma, students must follow course requirements set forth by the Ohio Department of Education.