Zach Howard || April 2, 2020

RHMS will offer “drive-thru” pick up for paper packets on Monday, April 6th and Tuesday, April 7th from 7:00 AM – 9:30 AM and again from 4:00 PM-6:30 PM. A staff person will meet your car and exchange packets. Be sure your child’s first and last name is on the packet!

Jeff Fraley || April 2, 2020

From Mr Evans and Mr Fraley: Hello everyone! We hope everyone is staying safe through these difficult times. We want to let everyone know our plan for distributing work packets for the rest of the school year and for how everyone can turn in their completed packets from the previous 3 weeks. Our bus drivers are going to be running their normal evening routes on Tuesday, April 7th. They will be leaving the Elementary school at 3:30. We will have volunteers on each bus that will take completed work packets from each family on the route and give each family new work packets for the rest of the school year. We ask that each family on the route be out at their stop, ready to meet the drivers for the exchange of work packets. Once again, the buses will leave the Elementary at 3:30, so please plan accordingly. Our volunteers will have gloves on and will practice appropriate social distancing. In addition, for families whose kids do not ride the school bus or who cannot be at the stop on Tuesday, we will have designated times for each grade level that families can come to their child’s wing (like end of day signouts) and drop off completed work packets and pick up new work packets. Below is a schedule of times that people can come to their child’s wing for the packet exchange on Wednesday, April 8th. KG, 5th, and Preschool- 9-11 am 1st and 4th- 11 am-1 pm 2nd, 3rd, and MC- 1-3 pm We will have volunteers in each wing on April 8th but we want to limit interaction as much as possible. We ask anyone that chooses this option to please practice appropriate social distancing guidelines. Please email jfraley@rockhill.org or fevans@rockhill.org if you have any questions. Thanks and be safe everyone!

Sam Gue || April 1, 2020

Students and families of students, With Governor DeWine’s recent decision to close schools through the end of this month, we have planned the next phase of instruction, as well as established different times for you to bring completed work (from the past 3 weeks) to RHHS. Our staff has worked together to try to provide the best possible education, given the current circumstances. For the next month, your instruction and assignments will be available and accessible online using your Chromebooks for your classes. Many of our teachers are holding classes via Zoom. Our teachers are available and accessible each day through email. Please use that as a means of communication anytime you need. I am also available via email at sgue@rockhill.org. We realize this is not ideal, but our hearts are with you and we really want to help you if you are struggling! So, please utilize this resource. As far as the work you have already completed, we have arranged the drop-off/pick-up schedule below. All work for the next phase will be sent via email and through your Chromebooks, so there will just be a few classes providing hard copy resources at this stage (Mrs. Unger/Mr. Kuehne/Mrs. Higgins). The work for those classes is also online in google classroom, so you may not need the hard copy. Due to social distancing and our complete effort to comply, you will need to adhere to the following guidelines when dropping off work: 1) Please pull your vehicle to the front of the HS (Main Entrance). 2) If there is a line of cars in front of yours, just wait patiently until you reach the front of the line. 3) If another student is dropping off work, please do not exit your vehicle until the other student has returned to his/her vehicle. 4) Bring your completed work to the tables out front, at which point Mr. Gue will instruct you where to leave your work. 5) Make sure your name is on all work turned in. Schedule for drop-off: Monday, April 6 - 7:00-9:30 AM and 4:00-6:30 PM Tuesday, April 7 - 7:00-9:30 AM and 4:00-6:30 PM

Dave Hopper || March 30, 2020

With the Governors order for schools to remain closed up until May 1, the Rock Hill Local School District will continue to remain closed until further notice to follow this order. All scheduled events during this time will be postponed as well. We will continue with our food program during this time and will begin communication regarding distance learning instruction for our students. Stay safe.