Tomahawk Times

October 2022 Edition


I would like to welcome guardians and students to Rock Hill Middle School. As a graduate of Rock Hill, it is an honor to serve as your child's principal. My philosophy is the academic success lies within the cultivation of building a strong community, teaching the standards, and constructing strong professional relationships with stakeholders. The fostering of academic networks between staff members and guardians plays a crucial role in bridging the gap seen in schools today. These partnerships build trust and community. As a result, our children will gain the necessary confidence to ask questions in class, be motivated to come to school each day, set goals, acquire a thirst for knowledge, and leave a lasting legacy as he or she enters the next chapter of life. Our goal as educators is for your child to achieve inside and outside of school. I want every child to know they have a purpose as a member of our middle school community. Thank you for helping us build a better school for a better tomorrow.


Jason Owens, Principal

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